Medical Needling

What is is?

Medical needling is a method which includes needling into damaged skin using medical-grade equipment to stimulate collagen, elastin and melanocyte activity. Our unique method allows us to target very specific areas and form four different types of tissue repair; coagulation, inflammation, regeneration and maturation - unlike any other treatment on the market. It's great for smoothing outraised, textures scars, bringing scars back up to the surface and re-pigmenting, Not all skin types will see an improvement. 

Is there any downtime?

There isn’t any downtime. You can go back to your normal daily routine straight after having medical needling done. However, the area that has been treated will be red and raised for a number of weeks. So you may have to plan your sessions accordingly. Eg, around holidays, etc

When will I see results?

Each person reacts to the treatment differently and therefore we can not determine when you will see results. However, or clients have seen fantastic results just after a few sessions!


What’s the cost?

Prices are given at a consultation. We will firstly need to assess your scar to see if we can work on it and if this treatment would be beneficial to you.